Welcome to Unity Historical Society


We are hoping to get back to hosting meetings and we hope you’ll be patient as we determine the best course.  The Library is open by appointment and we follow the current guidelines for masking and social distancing. 


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Unity Historical Society

  1. Margaret E Welch May 21, 2021 — 10:18 pm

    Hi, folks. I posted the following on the Unity Tax Payers Facebook site, and someone recommended that I contact Jackie Bradeen directly. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts:
    On Facebook:
    I recently discovered an old quilt that was owned by my grandmother, Winnifred Dalzell. Her husband, Roy C Dalzell, was a minister at the Unity Union Church many decades ago. The quilt is quite large and contains 41 embroidered signatures of women who worked the quilt and probably belonged to the church. I’m interested in knowing if any descendents/relatives of these women still live in Unity since I’m considering donating or loaning to the Historical Society. (If this is feasible.) So, here are the names–I’ve placed a ? after any letter I’m not sure of. Thanks for letting me know if you’re related and/or would like to see the quilt in a public venue. I welcome any and all suggestions!
    Mary Marcye?e?s? / Nettie Cole / Clara Wa?les / Addie Smith / Anna Reed / Lu?vie Dillingham / Myra D Ar?ey / Martha Young / Della Rines / Lydia Cahill / Sadie Edgecome / El?w?ena F?ownes / Maude White / Eliza Rines / Ada Patten / Lizzie Colson / Ella Bicknell / Marion Whitmore / Louise Melcher / Inez Wood / Minetta Wallace / Jennie Witherbe?e / Cora e Te?fft / Grace Pendleton / Nellie Taylor / Alice M s?todgdon / (Mrs. R C Dalzell) / Mamie Stinson / Mabel Wood / Gertrude Croxford / Alta Cole / Anna P Ware / Addie M Are?y / Lottie Are?y / Mabel Whitney / Kate Allen / Zora McLaughlin / Gu s or e or a tie Rines / Esther Burton Addie Mays? / Rita Tasker
    James Porter
    Jackie Bradeen would be a good resource for you
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  2. I am curious if there is information on a farm in Burnham… It’s the one on troy Rd and whitten. We just moved in and are cleaning it up. I Know it was originally owned by the Goodbloods and have been told an old historical home burned down in the 80’s before the current house was built. I have found what may be an old barn foundation and I’m just looking for information. Is love to pour over the historical records of both Unity and Burnham when restrictions are lifted. Would also love to volunteer for your historical society.

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