WindemereLodgeNorthView WindemereParkSouthDrive WindemereParkTheLedges UnityMaine1914Color UnitySchoolHouse UnityUnionChurchDepotStreet SoldiersHallAmericanLegion TurnerCenterDairyAssn SandyStreamBridge SandyStreamMoultonsBridge SandyStreamOldMill RailroadStation1940 RexallCountryDrugStore SandyStream MosherHouse1904 PortlandPackingCo RailroadStation MainStreetSouth MainStreetTabor MainStreetTouristLodgeKnight MainStreet1910 MainStreetColor MainStreetNorth LakeWinnecook LakeWinnecookIslandview CrossRoads1941 DepotRoad FriendsMeetingHouseQuakerHill Church(Depot)Street ChurchSquare ConnorGristMill1815-1936 CentralHouse1912 CentralHouseJudsonHouse CampWinnecookBoats CampWinnecookDiningHall CampWinnecookLanding CampWinnecook CampWinnecookBathingScene CampWinnecookBeach

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