UHS has a range of gifts and published histories of Unity available.

A History of the Town of Unity Maine by James Berry Vickery, III

Originally published in 1955 as a hard cover. Reprinted 2001 in paperback, 254 pages, spiral binding. Some photographs. Indexed. Excellent reference for genealogists and historians.

$15.00 Member / $20.00 non-member plus $5 shipping & handling.

History of Unity by James R. Taber. Originally published in 1916 in hardcover. Long out of print. Revised and reprinted in 2012. Paperback, spiral bound, 100 pages. Only one photo (of the author). Excellent deed records section and many genealogical references.

$15.00 member / $20.00 non-member plus $5 shipping & handling

History of Unity by Edmund Murch. Originally published in 1916 for his speech to a local organization. Retyped from the original text in 2012.

$5.00 plus $2 shipping & handling

Ordinary, Yet Extraordinary: Six Decades in the Life of Unity, ME by Freeman/Simeone. Published in 2001. Hardcover. 194 pages, lots of photographs. This oral-history-style book picks up Unity’s story from Vickery’s 1954 history.

$15.00 member / $20.00 non-member plus $5 shipping & handling

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