Sesquicentennial Photos (1954)

BarbaraBurwellPiano44  Barbara Burwell at the piano
CandleMakingLadies42 Candlemaking
Centennial5a Centennial04ConstableHatchery10 Constable Hatchery
Maynard Stevens / Dana Stevenson (Uncle Sam)
Class1930a Class of 1930Centinnal03 Central House EdgerlyFarmTreeCutting1b EdgerlyFarmTreeCutting3aEdgerly Farm – Tree Cutting
 EdithStevensHome37 Tea Time
TeaTime43FoodPrep50 CookingLunchTime47 LuncheonMenoftheBush54 Brothers of the Brush
SesquiCentennialLadies45 The CommitteeSelectmen55 SelectmenSpinning52 Sewing and SpinningShopping48 Shopping

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