Early Settlers

Last Name
First Name
Previous Settlement
Year Arrived
BANTON William England
BARNES Peletiah
BARTLETT Benjamin Plymouth, MA 1785
BARTLETT Joseph Plymouth, MA 1792
BARTLETT Lemuel Plymouth, MA 1792
BEAN David Massachusetts 1800
BICKMORE John 1806
BICKMORE John, Jr. 1806
BITHER Peter, Jr. Limington, ME 1807
BROOKS Francis Gorham, ME 1806
BURNHAM Rufus Scarboro, ME 1807
CARLL Asa Saco, ME 1807
CARLL John Saco, ME 1807
CARLL Robert Lyman, ME 1807
CARTER Joseph Vassalboro, ME 1793
CARTER Joseph, Jr. Vassalboro, ME 1793
CARTER Thaddeus Concord, MA 1783
CHASE Hezekiah Concord, MA 1783
CHASE John Durham, ME 1783
CHASE Stephen Durham, ME 1782
COLLIMORE Libeus Bristol, ME 1804
CONNOR Col. James Gardiner, ME
COOKSON Abraham Standish, ME 1802
COOKSON John Standish, ME 1805
COOKSON Joseph Standish, ME 1803
COOKSON Reuben Standish, ME 1803
COOKSON Reuben, Jr. Standish, ME 1802
CORNFORTH Richard Readfield, ME 1810
DYER William Limington, ME 1805
FARWELL Henry Chester, NH 1788
FLYE James 1785-1790
FOOTE John 1785-1790
FOWLER Betsey First child born in Unity 1790
FOWLER John Clinton, ME
FOWLER Matthew Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1792
FOWLER Thomas Pownalboro, ME 1789
FROST Nathaniel Gorham, ME 1794
GILES Stephen New Hampshire 1809
GILKEY Isaac Gorham, ME 1809
GILKEY James Gorham, ME 1809
GILKEY Samuel Gorham, ME 1809
GILPATRICK Thomas Pownalboro, ME 1792
GLIDDEN Reuben Bristol, ME 1802
HANSCOM John Gorham, ME 1805
HARDING Amaziah Standish, ME 1801
HARDING Knowles Provincetown, MA 1805
HARDING Simeon Standish, ME 1801
HARDING Theodore Chatham, MA 1805
HARDING Thomas Eastham, MA 1799
HOPKINS Chandler Standish, ME 1797
HOPKINS Josiah Standish, ME
HUNT Ephraim Gorham, ME
HUNT Ichabod Gorham, ME 1807
HUNT Jonathan
HURD Hiram Dover, NH 1800
JACKSON Robert New Hampshire 1794
JACKSON Peter Limington, ME 1802
JONES Amos Lunenburg, MA 1805
KELLY Aaron Boothbay, ME 1792
KELLY Samuel Boothbay, ME 1792
KNOWLES Abner Eastham, MA 1798
LASSELL Asa Kennebunkport, ME 1805
LIBBY Mark Gorham, ME 1803
MacDONALD Joseph Clinton, ME
McGRAY William Durham, ME 1802
MELVIN John Gorham, ME 1795
MERSERVE Charles Standish, ME 1804
MERSERVE James Standish, ME
MITCHELL James 1802
MITCHELL Jeremiah Yarmouth, ME 1783
MITCHELL Joseph Yarmouth, ME
MITCHELL William Yarmouth, ME 1782
MURCH Ebenezer Gorham, ME 1805
MURCH Simeon Gorham, ME 1793
MYRICK Isaac Gorham, ME
PAINE Leonard 1802
PARKHURST George Harvard, MA
PARKHURST Jonathan Somerville, MA
PARKHURST Samuel Harvard, MA
PARKHURST Nathan Pownalboro, ME 1797
PATTEE Ebenezer Georgetown, ME 1792
PEARSON Woodbridge Durham, ME 1792
PERLEY John Winchendon, MA 1800
PHILBROOK Samuel Clinton, ME 1796
RACKLIFF Benjamin Scarboro, ME 1794
RACKLIFF Clement Limington, ME 1792
RACKLIFF Dominicus Scarboro, ME 1794
RACKLIFF Lucy Standish, ME
RICE Nathaniel Hartford, ME 1802
SCRIBNER John 1806
SEGAR Josiah Rumford, ME 1805
SINCLAIR Joshua Vassalboro, ME 1796
SMALL Daniel Limington, ME 1804
SMALL Luther Gorham, ME 1805
SPARROW Lydia Standish, ME 1802
STEVENS Frederic Gorham, ME 1798
STEVENS John Gorham, ME 1798
STEVENS Joseph Gorham, ME 1795
STEVENS Nathaniel Gorham, ME 1798
STROUT Elisha Limington, ME 1806
TILTON Gibbs Martha’S Vineyard, MA
TRUEWORTHY Jacob Ellsworth, ME 1803
TUFTS Thomas Belfast, ME 1803
VICKERY David Standish, ME 1794
VICKERY Jonathan Gorham, ME 1784
WARE David 1773-1774
WEBB John Durham, ME 1792
WEBB Samuel Durham, ME 1792
WHITMORE Daniel Gorham, ME 1795
WHITNEY Benjamin 1785-1790
WHITTEN George 1785-1790
WILSON James Durham, ME 1803
WOODS Joseph Standish, ME 1796
WOODS Joseph, Jr. Standish, ME 1798
WORK Abel Winthrop, ME

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